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Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment

Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment gently removes dead skin, helps fight bacteria and frees the hair.

  • Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment soothes razor burn and reduces redness.
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • Releases trapped ingrown hairs.
  • Kills bacteria under skin to reduce inflammation and razor bumps.
  • Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid: A natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).Helps loosen and exfoliate the surface layer of dead skin cells.Lifts and releases trapped beard hairs.Phytic Acid: Helps dissolve dead skin cells to free trapped hairs from top layers of skin.Evens skin.Salicylic Acid: A Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA).Exfoliating ingredient.Well-known and trusted treatment for acne, problem and oily skin.Antimicrobial properties.


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