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Darphin STIMULSKIN PLUS Divine Lifting Cream 1.7 oz (50 ml)

Skin Type: All Skin Condition: Lack of firmness, loss of elasticity and density, deep lines and wrinkles Your concerns: Visible loss of elasticity and density Wrinkles and lines Dull, lifeless complexion Dryness, uncomfortable feeling Appearance of age spots The Results: Visible lifting and firming effect Immediate tightening effect Facial contours appear more sculpted, more defined Wrinkles and creases are visibly smoothed Skin looks plumper, densified Skin's barrier is strengthened Brighter, radiant and more even complexion Age spots are visibly reduced Comforting moisturization for a more supple skin Dermatologist tested The uber-cream within the luxurious Stimulskin Plus skincare line, offering our ultimate comprehensive solution to visible signs of ageing concerns. Darphin quintessence in a jar: our optimal extraordinary blend of leading edge anti-aging technology and exquisite, indulgent aromatic and natural ingredients; all in an ultra-comfortable, fresh, "melting" texture with an irresistible, delectable, uplifting scent. Comprehensive age-defying action and intensive recovery: Intensive lifting and smoothing: Visible firming and lifting effect. Improves skin's resilience and elasticity. Densifies skin for a plumper appearance. Improves skin's texture. Smoothes the appearance of creases and wrinkles. Helps strengthen skin's natural barrier to boost its natural defenses against wrinkles. Rejuvenating, clarifying action: Brightens skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Soothes skin and helps reduce the appearance of redness for a more even looking complexion. Helps renew skin's natural radiance. Intensive hydration: Nourishes skin and improves skin's suppleness. Provides instant relief from discomfort due to dryness. Key Ingredients: Extraordinary blend of 31 ingredients, features Intensive age-defying cocktail, Clarifying and soothing cocktail, Anti-oxidant cocktail, and Hydrating and comforting cocktail


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