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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Forte

The launch of a limited edition of Forte is the direct result of the popularity of Francis Kurkdjian's eau de toilette Aqua Universalis, an everyday delight that can be used on one's skin, in the house or on linen, providing a reassuring freshness.

This olfactory composition has the same "sunny" emotions, but adds the memory, sparkle, and intensity to the citrus charm and white flowers of the "classical" Aqua Universalis. The result is the fabulous, precious, sought-after "sillage" or lingering trail left by the fragrance.

Sicilian citron is still there, but with another bergamot chosen this time for its greener, more brilliant, sparkling notes.

The nobility of a bouquet of white flowers - lily of the valley and seringa - elevated by the absolutes of Egyptian jasmine flowers and Moroccan roses. The fullness of light woods as a base note, brought to the fore by a more sustained musky accord. And finally, an exceptional concentration on par with an extract.

In short, an aerial fragrance, at once light and powerful like gold in Summer.

About the Packaging:
This fine-weather eau de parfum comes in a Maison Francis Kurkdjian 70mL bottle, capped with a golden stopper, a reminder of the light that is one of our values.


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