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MICHAEL VAN CLARKE 3 More Inches Pre-wash Treatment

Life extending haircare naturally rebuilds every strand for longer, stronger, younger-looking hair. With a unique cashmere protein and amino acid blend, this reparative treatment slows the ageing process and helps your hair grow longer more quickly. Most people have healthy hair at the roots but the longer it becomes, the more damaged it looks. And it's no wonder why? Our modern lifestyles include heat styling, colouring, sun and sea - which all damage and age the hair shaft. 3' More Inches Pre-wash Treatment, brought to you exclusively by Space NK, naturally rebuilds every strand on your head for longer, younger-looking hair. The unique complex of naturally derived cashmere proteins in a blend of intensive conditioning agents penetrates deep into the hair shaft. This repairs broken bonds and prevents further disintegration, resulting in healthy hair, which grows longer and stronger than ever before.


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