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MOLTON BROWN London 'Pomegranate & Ginger' Soothing Hand Lotion

Molton Brown's Soothing Hand Lotion hydrates your skin while leaving behind a beautiful fragrance you can marvel over all day long. Rockrose and Pine (formerly known as Amber Cocoon) : London via Siberia. The softness of cashmere. A cocoon of warmth. A log cabin hidden in the snow. Orange and Bergamot (formerly known as Naran Ji) : London via Seville. Dappled shade. Fruit hanging from the trees. Scents as sunny as the sky. Pomegranate and Ginger (formerly known as Rose Granati) : London via Marrakech: Vivid peaks of spice. The market’s buzz. Jewel-like fruits eaten in the shade. Lime and Patchouli (formerly known as Thai Vert) : London via Mexico: Brightly coloured streets. Lively conversation. A squeeze of zesty lime. Mulberry and Thyme (formerly known as White Mulberry) : London via Les Cevennes: Winding rivers. A freshly tied bouquet garni. Mulberry trees hooked along the slopes. Rok Radish (formerly known as Rok-Mint) : London via Vietnam. An azure blue sea. A clear mind. Skin cooled by the breeze.

  • By MOLTON BROWN London.


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