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Tweezerman Luxe Edition Crystal Slant Tweezer, Precious Pink

As seen in Ok! Magazine (February 14, 2011 issue, p56).

Famous for its precision, our award-winning Slant® Tweezer has perfectly aligned hand-finished tips guaranteed to grab the hair every time.

Stainless steel lovingly lavished with perfectly flirty, blushingly bright Swarovski® crystals.

Always tweeze one hair at a time in direction of hair growth. For expert brow shaping, use the broad side of the slant for general tweezing and flip tweezer to use the tip of the higher side of the edge for precision work.

Clean only the tweezer tips with an alcohol-moistened pad after each use. Clean crystals by rubbing lightly with a clean, smooth cloth. Do not soak tweezer body in water/solution or heat sterilize.

As with any fine crystal, handle with care. When not in use, keep in case to avoid dulling or breaking by scratching against or dropping on hard surfaces.


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